Value Proposition

OUR MISSION – to provide a competitive supply chain advantage to our customers through “Heavy Duty Logistics Support”. This support includes a unique combination of facilities and services including the availability of interior bridge cranes and active rail service.

The Indianapolis Industrial Center has been serving industrial companies from across Indiana and the nation since 1960. Although our name has changed over the years, and advances in technology have enabled us to expand service opportunities, we continue to operate on the values of our founders. WE PROMISE TO:

  • Help you refine your understanding of your needs to assure a proper “fit” of our facilities to your purpose. We promise not to “sell” you a solution; rather, we will work with you to determine if our property can serve your operational and customer service needs.
  • Provide understandable lease agreements. While leases may need more or less content depending upon the situation, we promise to keep it as short and concise as possible while protecting both parties’ interests.
  • Strive to earn your lease renewal. We promise to continue to value your business after the lease is signed in order to earn your renewal. We would like nothing better than to retain your business for an additional  term.


  • Quick access to over 65% of the nation’s population from our location.
  • Convenient interstate service to all points from Indianapolis.
  • Specializing in steel warehousing, equipment and building products.
  • Rail service through CSX
  • Flexible logistics facilities to enable you to serve your clients’ supply chain needs.
  • Pricing and terms to fit your service requirements.

The Center is located on a 19.5 acre site in Indianapolis that is zoned I-4-U for Industrial and Distribution uses, and is comprised of 182,000 square feet under roof, plus two acres of outdoor storage. Call today for more information! (317) 602-8639

Review our Facilities and Services sections for additional detail.