General Storage Warehouse

Whether you need storage, manufacturing work space, outdoor storage, or some combination of these three, you can find what you need at the Indianapolis Industrial Center. In addition to the strategic location (centrally located in Indianapolis and convenient to interstate access), our industrial warehouse location is properly zoned for nearly any industrial use (I-4-U), making it easy to establish your operation.

480 volt power is available throughout the center, with heavy floors, and very flexible material handling options including a variety of ground-level, dock, drive-in and rail service access. The ceiling height is 22 feet.

The roofs were replaced in 2006, and the lighting throughout the facility has been upgraded to T-5 lighting with motion sensors for even greater electric cost savings.  Additional improvements have included reconstruction of the rail sidings, fresh paint,  and installation of a “park-wide” surveillance system for productivity and security benefits.

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