Service Pads – Outdoor Storage – Yard Storage

Two large concrete pads of approximately one-acre each are ideal for servicing flatbed shipments, staging building materials and construction projects and outdoor “yard storage”; all with rail access and docking capabilities available. Pad 4: 49,700 square feet. Pad 6: 40,000 square feet.

Outdoor Storage Pad 4: Enclosed by an eight-foot chain link fence and barbed wire with two grade-level, automated, key-pad secured entry locations.  Great for construction staging, contractor storage, and some building products!

15,000 Square Feet Available – February, 2019

Size: 45,000 square feet
Shape: Square
Construction: Concrete
Dock: Straight truck dock
Ground Level Access: Two grade-level entrances allow access to pad, ideal for servicing flatbed shipments or storing outdoor equipment.
Building Access: Accessible directly from building 3 and 5.
Rail Access: Accessible to rail service via building 3 and 5.
Secured: Pad is fenced with electronically secured gate entry

Outdoor Storage Pad #6: 25,000 square feet available. Great for construction staging, contractor storage and some building products!


Size: 40,000 sq. ft.
Shape: Rectangular
Construction: Concrete
Dock: 8 trucks at pad
Ground Level Access: Available
Building Access: Accessible directly to building 1.
Rail Access: Accessible to rail service via building 1.
Security: Fencing and security can be added for term customer.