About Us

The Indianapolis Industrial Center and its facilities are owned and managed by Merchandise Realty Company, a professionally managed and family-owned business.

Recent facility improvements include: an upgraded rail siding allowing service from CSX; interior bridge crane upgrades (lifting capacity to 25 tons);  installation of sustainable and energy-efficient lighting;  electrical improvements, live-view perimeter surveillance and yard storage enclosures.

The Indianapolis Industrial Center is a multi-building property which includes four warehouses, two large outdoor, secured storage pads and an office building. Our clients are either manufacturers or distributors on a local, regional and national scale depending upon their product demand and service territory.


At present all of our space is leased. We expect to have approximately 15,000 square feet of secured yard storage available in first quarter 2019.

Please review our site for further information, or contact us to  discuss  your distribution needs.

Don Foley II – President

Don offers a 35-year business background with deep experience in general management and warehousing. Over the past 7 years, Don has worked with tenants, suppliers, and contractors to provide and continuously improve the facilities and service offerings. Speak with Don to learn about the variety of solutions available to your company and which terms may best fit your need.

Tim Siddiq – Vice-President

Tim has over 20 years of warehousing experience at a 400,000 square foot facility and has managed a wide range of tenant requirements, warehousing projects, and facility solutions. Over his career, Mr. Siddiq has obtained extensive exposure in accounting, customer service, supervision, and planning. Mr. Siddiq also serves as President of Merchandise Warehouse Company, a key partner for labor services and warehousing expertise.

Contact us today at 317-602-8639