South Indianapolis Map
Helping you keep your costs low and your service levels high is our business.
  • Located at the Crossroads of America (access to 6 highways)
  • General and Specialty storage space including:
    • high bay - extended height warehouse space (40 ft!).
    • Indoor rail and truck access.
    • Interior bridge cranes (up to 25 ton lifting capacity!).
    • Active rail service through CSX.
    • Secured yard storage with grade-level access.
    • Heated storage space.
    • 4000 Square Foot office building.
    • Over 180,000 total square feet on 19.5 acres.
  • If you need "Heavy Duty Logistics Support", review our site and give us a call!
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Outdoor storage pad 6

Our industrial park has convenient access to 6 major highways allowing you to serve 65% of the nation’s population with one-day truck service.

  • Four separate Indianapolis industrial warehouses on 19.5 acres zoned I-4-U for industrial use.
  • Two large service pads for secured, outdoor storage, operation or flatbed service.
  • Outdoor fenced enclosure for service area.
  • Active rail service through CSX.
  • Grade-level, dock height and floor level access.
  • Indoor rail sidings to prevent exposure to the weather.
  • Three interior bridge cranes with lifting capacity from 5-tons to 25-tons.
  • High-bay (to 38 feet).
  • That's what we call "Heavy Duty Logistics Support" !

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A person using a forklift

The Indianapolis Industrial Center allows you to keep all of your customer service options open.

  • Long, and short term leasing options.
  • Facilities that allow you to serve your customers by truck or rail.
  • Value-added and rail reload services available.
  • Material handling support.
  • Special logistics project management.
  • Consulting services.
  • Our customers tend to require "Heavy Duty Logistics Support" to successfully achieve your supply goals. Contact us to learn more about the options available to you!
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